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Friday, August 20, 2010

Writing on School Bus Windows

Just thinking:

Summer is soon coming to a close. Children will be starting back to school. It makes me think of backpacks, new school clothes and school buses. With these thoughts in mind, do you ever wonder why kids write on the foggy windows of school buses?

At first, you see them with their faces pressed up against the glass, steaming up the window with their warm breath. Quickly, they draw something in the foggy mist; it’s like finger painting! Written in a cloud are pictures, ideas and funny sayings. For a fleeting moment they have shared what’s on their mind. Children can create out of a mist, clear it away and create again.

So, as summer rolls away and I see all those school buses rolling by, I will think of those children on the school buses and their drawings on the windows; and hope I can create something new out of my foggy mind and put it on paper.

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