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Monday, September 6, 2010

These Are My Guidelines For My Writing Path

Setting Goals For Writing And Meeting Them!

The Write Time Is When You Make It Right

Pick a time and place every day to write and stick to it. If you put it off you are letting yourself think it’s really not important. For me, it happens to be early in the morning, the very start of the day. I wake up from a night’s sleep with ideas fresh in my head, eager to start. I consider it the development of a good habit; so, just do it.

On the mornings I am not feeling so creative, I read. Reading can help to unfold a new idea. Read and write everyday; start today. This day will only be here once, don’t let it just slip by.

Let The Day Inspire You

No matter what happens in your day, there will be something in it you can write about. Observe what is happening around you. It could be the dialogue between two people; what is said or how it is said. Look around you. Try to see it as how it would read on paper, a ray of light, the sound of rain tapping on the window or the sounds of laughter. Write what you see, hear and feel. Then visualize what you write, see it in your mind, how it will be, feel how it will feel to other readers. Dare to imagine. Visualize it and you create it. Anything can inspire you when you choose to let it.

The Joy Of Silence

Make time for a silent retreat each day. Turn off the television and radio. Follow the path to your mind’s home. Shut out all the sounds around you, breath slowly and deeply. Take 15-20 minutes a day to enjoy the silence; you’ll be amazed at how refreshed and renewed you will feel.

Stop Making Excuses And Start Making Progress

Create deadlines for yourself; set a plan into action. No goal is unattainable. Think of what you want to accomplish and then make it happen. Don’t live in fear of rejection. Be willing to take the risk; let that fear go. Value your craft. Learn from the opinion of others; use it to step back and find an effective way to move forward from it; knowing there is value to be gained from it.

Keep your goal in mind and make it happen. To reach your goal requires discipline and effort. What you put into it, is what you get out of it. Keep the objective in sight. Feel the joy of accomplishment. Above all write, write and re-write!


Suzanne Lieurance said...

Hi, Maeve,

Thanks for dropping by the National Writing for Children Center today. We hope you'll visit often. Maybe one day we'll be showcasing you and your books there.

Happy writing!

Suzanne Lieurance
National Writing for Children Center

Christie Wright Wild said...

I just recently started my own plan for writing. I've been writing my whole life, but just last summer landed upon writing for children, picture books specifically. I find I must make a plan with small daily goals in order to accomplish them.