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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Once You've Started:

Keep In Mind -

  • A beginning that pulls the reader into the story; grab the reader.

  • An interesting setting.

  • A main character that is believable, with some faults and interesting enough to read about.

  • Reveal the character through action.

  • Believable dialogue.

  • Decide who will tell your story; will it be in first-person (“I”), second-person (“You”) or third-person (“He or She”).

  • Entice readers with your words.

  • Use easy and interesting language.

  • Characters will come to life for both you and your reader.

  • A plot that keeps the reader interested.

  • A story that is enjoyable to read.

  • Create a satisfying experience from beginning to end, yet keep the reader wanting more.

Here is an excerpt from one of my middle-grade stories:

           We picked up the box and crept toward the fence. Just as we reached the fence, we heard the door of the house slam shut. TAC jumped over the fence a lot quicker than I thought she could. I handed her the box. Just as I put my hands on the fence, we heard...
           "What are you two doing here?" roared the stranger, "don't you kids have anywhere else to hang out instead of coming around here?"
           We were so scared. He was running across the yard, now. I yelled, as I jumped the fence right after TAC. "Run, TAC! Get that box out of here!"     
           We ran all the way home. We didn't even stop to catch our breath. "I thought he was going to catch us!" said TAC.
           "You've got to be kidding! I was still in the yard when he started coming after us; afraid isn't the word for it," I said.

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