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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Salem, Massachusetts in October

     I will be going to Salem this month with a group of friends and staying in one of the Historical Homes; right in the center of town. There, I will travel through time, and visualize what it was like to live in Salem, Massachusetts; in the year 1692. It is there, while sharing the company of good friends, conversation and fun that I hope to outline the second story of Mehitable and Rachel. Will Salem’s grizzly past captivate my imagination while I walk down the lanes, peering into the past? I will have to wait, watch and write.


Christie Wright Wild said...

Sounds so fun. Wish I could go with you. That would make for some intriguing research to file away. I'm thinking of writing a Halloween book someday.

Maeve Frazier said...

Hi Christie - I love that we follow each other's blogs. I am so looking forward to going. I will keep you posted.

Francine said...


Spotted your pic on "Romamncing The Blog" blog-hop - welcome aboard!

Ooh, stepping back in time - have fun!

Over here (Wales - Ryder Cup)we have an occasional step back in time TV series, where familes from today (21st century) are literally cast back in time for one month.

The familes have to live and dress to the time period and survive exactly as people from that period. We've had miners, slate workers and now it's all about living the life of smallholders up on the mountains (Snowdonia)in the early 1800s. Believe it, it's tough for these families to find themselves without all the modern conveniences of the present day!

Most who've participated have said it's changed them, and they now look at their priveleged status anew. Profound statements even from the kids come out at the end of the month!


Elizabeth Mueller said...

Ooh! Take pictures please. Take notice of the 'eerieness' you may feel there, please! I want to know!

Be safe and enjoy!

~Elizabeth :)

Maeve Frazier said...

I'll be sure to take pictures and post them. So looking forward to going!

Amos Keppler said...

A visit there should inspire you. It's quit the inspiring place, in a backwards kind of way.

Brenda Drake said...

How wicked awesome! I was just there over the summer. I loved it. We ate at a great restaurant, I wish I could remember the name. My entire family lives in Massachusetts. I hope you're inspired! :D