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Monday, March 21, 2011

Overcoming Challenges

I drove to Amherst, MA for the Overcoming Challenges workshop this past Saturday.  It was held at the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum.  The panel consisted of Brian Lies, Mary Newell DePalma, Barbara O'Connor and Jo Knowles.  The coordinator for this event was Melissa Stewart. 

The panel shared many stories of their challenges, overcoming these challenges and their journey into and through publication.  One of the discussions was about how they were always striving to do more, giving themselves a new challenge. They talked about how they tried new styles and different techniques. 

Jo Knowles was one of the speakers there and she mentioned that she was nervous about speaking on the panel.  I think she did a wonderul job right along with the others.  At times during her discussion, I was watching the other panel members nodding in agreement and smiling.  They, like me, were inspired by what Jo had to say. 

As I sat there listening to this panel I was beginning to realize what a positive influence they are.  For the ride home I was even more excited and energized.

So, now I am determined even more to send out my manuscripts and finish the YA novel I am working on!  I can't wait for the Spring Conference! 


Angie said...

Conferences are always such great motivators. Good luck sending out those manuscripts!

Jennifer Lee Young said...

Hi Maeve,

Thanks for sharing with us about your conference experience. I can't wait to treat myself to one(hopefully really soon)
I love visiting your blog, it's full of information right up my alley.

Best of luck with your submissions.

Maeve Frazier said...

Thank you Jennifer - you are very kind! Best of luck to you, as well.