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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Have You Felt An Angel Today?

Moms are Angels in training from the day they are born.
While they are here, they show you that they care,
Until their work here is done.
Then they become Angels, with wings to be worn.

So, to feel your Angel
And know she is there,
Open your eyes and heart
She’ll show you she really does care.

Recall memories of kisses once upon your face.
She is still there…
Blowing kisses in the gentle breeze across your cheek.
Showing you that she cares.

Share photographs tattered and worn by hands they once held.
She is still there…
Gentle hands held out urging you on.
Showing you that she cares.

Recall the warmth of her hug and how good it felt.
She is still there…
Enfolding her heart around you in that warm glow you feel.
Showing you that she cares.

Share stories funny and sad.
She is still there…
Tickling you with laughter or sharing a sigh.
Showing you that she cares.

Recall her unconditional love she had for you.
She is still there…
Spreading her love from you, to your children and grandchildren.
Showing you that she cares.

I have two Angels, my Mom and my Mother-In-Law. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel them there. I have felt the Angels I have in my life, today. Have you?

Happy Mother’s Day Mom & Rita! You are missed and loved every day!

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