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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Books With Cookies And Milk (13)

Faith And The Camp Snob

Faith and the Camp Snob

Written by: Jen Jones

Published by: Capstone

     This is the first volume in the Team Cheer Series. The story describes Faith’s experiences at Cheerleading Camp. Faith doesn’t think she is a typical cheerleader. There is one girl at camp who is a total snob and she gives Faith a hard time. Faith wants to fit in and prove to the squad she belongs there.

     I really like the way the book is set up with “Cheerleading Scrapbook” pages in between each chapter. There are plenty of cheerleading phrases with a glossary at the back for reference.  I thought the book was really well written and very entertaining.

Cherry Pom-Pom Cookies

1 cup flour
½ tsp. baking powder
½ cup vegetable oil
3 tablespoons cherry Jello
1 (sm.) pkg. instant vanilla pudding
2 eggs, separated
3 tablespoons milk
½ teaspoon almond extract
¾ cup chopped walnuts
¾ cup grated coconut
1 teaspoon water
3 cups flaked coconut


     Combine flour and baking powder. In large bowl, combine oil, gelatin, pudding mix, and egg yolks. Blend well. Add dry ingredients, milk, and almond extract. Blend well. Stir in walnuts and grated coconut. Shape in balls of 1 teaspoon each. Slightly beat egg whites with water. Roll balls in egg whites and then in flaked coconut. Bake in preheated oven at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes on ungreased cookie sheet until coconut is light brown.

Makes about 40 cookies.

Don’t Forget The Milk!


The East Coaster said...

I am just the worst baker ever, but these sound too good to pass up. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the Books With Cookies And Milk! Can't wait to read this! Laurel Collins

Anonymous said...

so glad I found this blog! Loving the books and recipes - Karen Gantliodi

Janet Johnson said...

I loved cheerleading. Sounds like a fun book!

And love how the cookies match the books. :)

Kimberly Krey said...

What a fun blog! Mixing cookies and books - brilliant! I really want to try that cookie recipe. I don't think I've had anything like them, and I'm dying to see how they turn out. Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my site. :)

Lynda R Young said...

Those Cherry Pom-Pom Cookies sound delicious!!

Maeve Frazier said...

Laurel - I really like how this story is laid out. Enjoy the cookies.

Karen - Thanks! :)

Janet - This book would make a nice gift for a cheerleader. :)

Kimberly - Thanks for your kind wors - glad I found your blot, too.

Lynda - :)

The East Coaster said...

I just wanted to report that the cookies ROCKED last night! Huge success - thanks Maeve

Maeve Frazier said...

The East Coast - Thanks for the feedback :)