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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Link to a great blog:

Hi Everyone - I was going to do a post today about story creating.  Mine was going to be called Ten Steps to Creating a Story.  But, then I stopped by Lynda R. Young's blog and here was some of what I was going to say, but only better.  So why mess with greatness!  Here is a link to her post:

I hope you'll read around her blog, she has so many great posts.  Since I have started blogging I have visited so many blogs and what a community we belong to.  Everyone is so willing to share the information that they have to help us on our own journeys.  I hope you enjoy your visit to Lynda's blog.

Today, I'll leave you with:

     Thanks to you all, I have been getting so much more than I planned.  Have a Great Day!


Lynda R Young said...

Thanks so much for the linky goodness. It's funny how we often think alike across the blogsphere :)

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Thanks for the link. Her blog looks very interesting. I think the creative process is similar across the I find looking at it from the writer's pov helpful!

Maeve Frazier said...

Lynda - You are welcome. I noticed that, too! I see your icon often.

Elizabeth Rose - :) I find so many helpful tips on Lynda's blog. I am sure you will, too.