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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Answers to Life's Most Meaningful Questions

I have been tagged with a meme.

Here are my answers to the meme quiz:

1.  Show us the cutest, most adorable picture of your favorite animal:

Here’s Maggie!

2.  You have five seconds to survive the zombie apocalypse. Choose one friend who would save your butt and then tell us why you chose them.

I would choose my husband of almost 34 years because he is my best friend and always there for me.

3.  Share a quote with us:

“My business is not to remake myself, but make the absolute best of what God has made.” – Robert Browning

4.  Using exactly twenty seven words, tell your life story:

One of five children. Born in Massachusetts. Met husband in High School. We have four children and one grandchild. Our grandson calls us ‘Lolli and Pop’. Happy.

5.  All dead rock legends live again. You’re standing in a fifty mile long line for:

To kiss my Mom and Mother-in-law, just one more time. I would take more away with me from that than any rock legend.

6.  Describe yourself using six words that start with the third letter of your middle name. Go!:

Encouraging, Empathetic, Embraceable, Efficient, Effective, Essential

7.  What do you think of when you hear the word wombat?



I also received the 'Blog On Fire Award!

Thanks Beckah!

Thank you Tara Tyler at:

I’ll pass on the additional 7 facts about myself (I think you’ve probably heard enough about me) and get busy passing this along.

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Stacy S. Jensen said...

Thanks. I appreciate being on fire! Have a great day. Love the pix of Maggie and that your husband would be your friend during a zombie apoclypse.

Tara Tyler said...

love the meme! yay!
i was born in mass too =)

Jennifer Lee Young said...

Great meme Maeve, thanks for sharing itli with us! And wow, thank you for my award and for the nice things you had to say about my blog.

Maeve Frazier said...

Stacy - Thank you :)

Tara - Yay for Massachusetts! Maybe we'll get to meet at a conference!!

Jennifer - Thank you and you're welcome!

Abby said...

Thanks for this! I love this stuff! I will pass it on Monday!