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My writing journey has begun. The road will have some bumps and detours. I only hope that the first hill is not too high, and the journey is long.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Am I making progress or not?

     Mondays are hard! It is hard to pick yourself up sometimes and start the week, especially, when you receive a letter back on your submission and it wasn’t exactly the response you were hoping for, but it was a personal letter with some helpful criticism, for which I am extremely grateful.

     The letter stated that she is not taking on many new projects at this time, however, she found my story very engaging; and couldn’t wait to get to the end! I was given a couple of suggestions to enhance my story. So, that is what I am going to do. I appreciate the advice and I am going to start working on it this week!

     Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A View Outside My Back Door!

I just wanted to share with you a picture my daughter took outside my back door!  I love this time of year!  You can find inspiration even by just looking out your door.  Hope you are all having a wonderful week. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! 
     I have been away from my blog for so long!  The past few months have been busy.  My husband had a fall over the summer and broke 4 ribs, punctured his lung and broke his elbow in several places.  He is now well on the mend and back to his full daily schedule.  I have also been taking care of my step-mom, she is 88 years old and has had a tough year and she, too, is doing better.  So, that in short, is why I have not been on my blog. 

     I love New Year’s Day.  There's something exciting about turning over the calendar page on January 1st. I'm always full of anticipation, wondering what things the New Year will bring, and hoping it will be a good year.  This day holds so much promise.  It is like the first page of your newest book.  The page lies blank before you, waiting for you to let it know where it is going.
     I am not making any New Year’s Resolutions this year.  I am taking each day and page as it comes.  So, with this New Year, I am offering to you a blank page.  Where will it take you?  What will you do with it?    

Best wishes for a Very Happy and Safe New Year!