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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Here’s a thought for a “Free Day”!

What floats your boat?

     The only person who can give you pleasure, or deny it, is yourself. It is up to you to make the decision to either experience pleasure or not to. If you are resistant to being happy, you could be in the middle of a group of people who are all happy and still be miserable. Many of us fill our days with obligations and don’t take the time for ourselves. Imagine having an entire day to spend it however you like – no commitments or obligations; how would you spend that day? Money is no problem or it doesn’t have to cost anything! How would you spend your day? It can be a combination of many things or just one thing that you would want to do on your free day!

     So, undock your boat and set it afloat. Share your day with us and we’ll see how many ways a “Free Day” can be spent!

My “Free Day”:

1) Sleep in late.
2) Turn off the phone.
3) Soak in the tub with my favorite bath oils and soft music.
4) Put on nice pajamas and a soft robe; have a cup of tea and a delicious scone.
5) Relax and read all day.
6) Take a nap in between reading.
7) Have dinner delivered.

     I’m planning mine and will plan to have at least one a month for myself; how about you?

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Christie Wright Wild said...

My free day would be on a Saturday with nobody else in the house - all day. I'd read, blog, and write. And write some more, and maybe eat a bite or two. I'd take a short nap in the late afternoon and listen to music loud enough to make me want to get up and dance. Then I might watch a TV show and eat some ice cream and stay up late while writing some more. Yeah, it's a dream, for sure. But we gotta dream big, right? Your post was uplifting, especially about the part how we are the only people in charge of our feelings and attitudes. I have a great attitude at work, but when I get home I'm too tired to have a great attitude about dinner or any other chore.