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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


A Waltz In My Garden

     The gentle morning breeze, scented with Lavender and Honeysuckle, called me once again to my garden.  Slowly, I walked barefoot to the arbor that is sprayed with Morning Glories, beckoning me to enter.  Their bell shaped heads, softly glistening with the early morning dew.  I pause for a moment to drink in their delicious aroma.

     The dew kissed grass tickles my toes, as I glide through the endless green path.  Gracefully, whirling and turning, with arms spread out, to take in the wondrous sight of pinks, whites, yellows and purples of the colorful garden.  The delicate breeze brushes the blossoms as they sway gently and waltz with me.  The pink Dianthus reach up to touch the hem of my skirt.  Butterflies dip and flutter from flower to flower.  The song birds sing their melodies, while the hummingbirds, at the feeders, keep in tune.  Their harmony flows through my head as I waltz through my garden, endlessly...

     "Mom, Mom!"  I hear as my daughter calls to me.  "You're dripping water all over the floor, again!"

     I look down and water is overflowing from my little potted plant.  I sigh, as I move to grab some paper towels to clean up the river that is flowing across the kitchen floor.  Sighing once again, I look once more at my plant and place it back on the windowsill and whisper, "Save the last dance for me!"

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