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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Setting Sail On The Good Ship Lollipop!

     Did you ever think of being the writer of a story is like being a stowaway on a ship? You are hidden from the characters on board, watching their activities, able to watch unnoticed. Stowing away on a real ship is illegal, but stowing away on the ship that is your story is adventurous, there are possibly some close calls and disasters.
     The stowaway writer must keep the story moving forward, just like the ship. We are the controllers of the fate of our characters. We create situations and reactions. Something happens causing the character to react; this reaction causes a new situation. Somewhere there is an intriguing plot that has just the right clever twist, to wrap things up.

     We all know that writing can be both a solitary pursuit and one that takes an incredible amount of time. The stowaway on ship leads a solitary life, the feeling of an endless journey, separate from the other passengers, not wanting to be discovered in this role. Isn’t that how we write? We travel an endless journey, not wanting our voices to be heard through our characters, but that the character’s own voice is heard loud and clear.

     So, set sail on your journey, treat it like both a job and an adventure at the same time. Make your way safely to your destination. Do whatever keeps you focused and doesn’t get in your way. I hope you find yourself on a large ship with calm waters and not on a dingy on rough seas. Happy Sailing!


Lynda R Young said...

We throw so much of ourselves in our creations that it's important to be reminded we should also remain hidden. Great post :)

Janet Johnson said...

Love this comparison! So true . . . sneaking in on our characters like that.

Happy Sailing, indeed!

Madeleine said...

A people watcher on a boat. Nive analogy.Love it! :O)

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

What a wonderful analogy. I think that's why I love writing so much--it's not just a job, it's an adventure. Wow, as I wrote that I realized that I think that line might be part of an ad campaign for the army. . .

Maeve Frazier said...

Lynda, Janet, Madeleine & Chythia - Thank you all for your nice comments. I am such a big fan of your blogs/writing. You all put so much into your writing and it shows! Thanks for your kind words. - Maeve