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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Second Campaigner Challenge

The following Post is part of the Second Campaigner Challenge being held by Rachael Harrie.  The link to her challenge is:

The Challenge is:

Write a blog post in 200 words or less, excluding the title. It can be in any format, whether flash fiction, non-fiction, humorous blog musings, poem, etc. The blog post should:

include the word "imago" in the title
include the following 4 random words: "miasma," "lacuna," "oscitate," "synchronicity,"

If you want to give yourself an added challenge (optional and included in the word count), make reference to a mirror in your post.

For those who want an even greater challenge (optional), make your post 200 words EXACTLY!

My entry is:

Imago of a Writer

     It is an odd analogy to compare the emergence of a writer to an insect, but similar to an insect becoming an adult through the stage of imago, a writer reaches the level of adulthood in their own development. The writer starts out young, fresh and new; metamorphosing into a developed, seasoned, and cultivated writer, shedding their old, unnecessary layers.

     During this process of self-development, the writer’s manuscript, transforms as it, too, is developed, seasoned and cultivated. The initial outcries, like that of miasma, turn to cheers of excitement. Manuscripts returned from editors, who replied that this work caused them to oscitate, with hard work and determination, turn into submissions that are polished and complete.

     The synchronicity of a writer’s imago and that of their writings is what makes them each whole. Nothing during this metamorphosis is deserved; each step is hard work and painstaking, each writer and writing, developing into their unique form. At the end of the day, when we see our reflection in the mirror, can we say our transformation is noticeable? YOU BET!

“We must be ready to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us!”

     This was one tough challenge!  Good luck everyone with your posts.  I am looking forward to reading them.


David Powers King said...

Okay. I feel empowered. What a wonderful reminder of what we're doing as writers. So it's a good thing I've been bugging people all this time? If that bug becomes something beautiful, you bet!

Great job, Maeve! :)

Sonia Lal said...

Inspiring post! You are absolutely right. And way to sneak the words in there. LOL

Jen said...

I am now inspired to get back to my manuscript! I love the insect/metamorphosis analogy.
Mine is #3. said...

This is a nice take on this challenge. I found this one hard. Mine is #29

K.T. Hanna said...

This is an amazingly motivational and inspirational piece. For 200 words? Damn nice. Well done! Love the way you worked the words in.

I liked mine until now lol #17

Sher A. Hart said...

I'm working my way backwards up the list and this is the first non-fiction post. At least I hope my own development into a better writer isn't fiction. Besides inspiring, it's a very apt comparison and very original too. Mine is number 52. Definitely not inspiring, but I hope not an oscitater. Is that even a word?

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Oh. You took a difficult challenge and made it look easy. Very nice entry Maeve. Now, I'll fly over to the linky list.

Missed Periods said...

Nice work. I do, however, need to grab a dictionary now and reread.

Joanna said...

Love, love that you made it non-fiction and so pertinent to us all. Excellent job, Maeve!

Alynza Smith said...

Very clever. Great job!

Fairview said...

Very nice. I'm impressed how you used these weird words to describe writing and writers. Great work!

Cortney said...

I loved the documentary feel of this post, and especially the part about our work making editors oscitate. Funny. :)

F.E. Sewell said...

"shedding their old, unnecessary layers"

So true. And it can be a horribly painful process, too.

Thanks for the inspiring words!

Nadja Notariani said...

Thoughtful! :)

I think you described the process that writers go through very well. I've already looked back (I'm fairly new to writing as compared to many authors) at writing from just a year ago in surprise at how different, more matured, cleaner, and sharper my writing of today is in comparison. This leaves me to ask...what will I discover in another year, or five? Hmmm. ~ Nadja

Sheri L. Swift said...

Wow, I love it! You make me want to stand up and cheer YES!!! ; )

Lady Gwen said...

Way to speak for all of us, Maeve. I loved it! We are all evolving as writers, unfolding our wings at different paces and stages. Nice job! Mine is #34:)

Angelina C. Hansen said...

Thanks for writing such an encouraging, upbuilding piece. Unique!

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

This really spoke to me...

"...each step is hard work and painstaking, each writer and writing, developing into their unique form."

It is so true. Thank you for sharing.

The Write Soil

My entry is #50.

LadyJai said...

Very inspiring and encouraging

Anonymous said...

Nice and uplifting ;)

Anonymous said...

I related to this and was inspired by it. Great job. :)

Christine Rains said...

What an inspiring piece. I love that last line too. Great job! :)

Maeve Frazier said...

David - :) Bugging people! Nice! Thank you.

Sonia - Thank you - this was one tough challenge.

Jen - Good luck with your manuscript.

Bridget - Thank you and I agree.

K.T. - Thank you ! Everyone is doing such a great job!

Maeve Frazier said...

Sher - So many great stories coming out of this and none of them an 'oscitator!' :)

Stacy - Thank you! I thought this one was harder than the first.

Missed Periods - I needed the dictionary before I started writing it. ;)

Joanne - Aww! Thank you!

Alynza - :)

Maeve Frazier said...

Fairview - I, too, am impressed with everyone else's writings.

Cortney - A little humor helps everything! :)

F.E. - Always great to shed those 'unnecessary layers'

Nadja - I can't wait to see where we all are in five years!

Maeve Frazier said...

Sheri - Thank you!

Lady Gwen - Published or unpulished we are all a work in progress. :)

Angelina - Thank you. :)

Lady Jai - :)

Maeve Frazier said...

Dawn - It is great how we are all there to support and inspire each other.

Christy - Thank you. :)

Medeia - So many blogs with so much inspiration. :)

Christine - Thank you. :)

Susie Medwell said...

A great piece of writing, love the last line.

Zan Marie said...

This is a bood reminder that we all have to grow to become the writers we are meant to be. Good job.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Wonderful message to all us writers out here! Nice way to use the words. Thanks!

Also, I love the concept of LolliPop's Cottage!

Richard said...

Good analogy. I loved the line that our submissions can make editors oscitate--the last thing in the world we want. Right?

Steph Sinkhorn said...

An apt metaphor. Good job :)

Maeve Frazier said...

Susie - Thank you!

Zan Marie - We are growing everyday!

Shannon - Thanks :)

Richard - You are so right!

Steph - Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo. Wonderful take on the challenge and a great analogy as well!

Arlee Bird said...

Beautifully written and an inspiration to read. Nice entry.

Tossing It Out

the wild magnolia said...

True to life, words we need to know, it was so good.

Thank you for sharing.

Good job.


Karen deBlieck said...

Great informative post and something every writer needs to remember. Thanks for the reminder!